What in the world you may be saying?  Let us explain...

Certainly you will all agree that it’s time for a better world. Though we at Zazou Inc. lost our bit for the presidency (we realize in retrospect that America just wasn’t ready for 6 swing jazz musicians in a mutual presidency together), we haven’t given up on working for a brighter future. Our latest venture towards this goal is just this: we have employed our own think-tank!We are mightily proud of ourselves and ridiculously optimistic about the possibilities. You may be saying, “heck, lots of corporations and even the government have oodles of think-tanks and what good does it do any of us? ”Good question! You see, contrary to their think-tanks, the Zazou Think-Tank (ZTT) is comprised of highly over-qualified, remarkably underpaid professionals overworking for your benefit AND we are proud to say that our think-tank is already making progress galore! We think you'll agree when you read the first official ZTT proposal.

Proposal 1: One day a week will be “Good News Day” and all newspapers and media will be required to report only good things that have happened in the world that day. A million fabulous things happen all around the world everyday yet only tragedy, horror and sorrow are served up fresh every morning. On “Good News Day” (which should perhaps be on Monday?), you will be greeted by wonderful headlines such as: "The Word 'Onomatopoeia' Voted Most Remarkable Word in the English Language" "Lost Owner Reunited with Worried Tarantula", “Ford Introduces Emission Free Automobile Powered by Leftovers”, "Obscure Seattle Swing Band Acquires Magic Flying Carpet", “The Approval Rate for Peace and Love Continues to Grow in Recent Polls” and so forth. It will not take long until Mondays will cease to be lugubrious and sad-faced but will be stupendously magnificent. On Tuesdays we can catch up on all the missed bad news (which of course won’t help Tuesday’s reputation any). - Zazou

Proposal 2 from Zazou listener:  Great idea! I've wanted to be part of a think tank. Here's my recent idea. Let's paint or make our roads and roofs white. This will make more reflective surface since our glaciers are getting smaller and melting into the sea (making more of the earth covered by water that absorbs the light and heat from the sun).  Then we could develop glasses to wear so we're not blinded by the glare from the white roads and we could be rich and do good stuff with the money.  -Bonnie

Proposal 3:  I say lets all move to somewhere in Southeast Alaska and build the golden city on the hill, filled with bike trails and communal housing, and of course dance halls. They're now predicting a 20 degree temperature increase in the next 30-50 years, so about the time we finish construction the climate should be quite acceptable to our children, and we can grow old and swing dance our way into the sunset years. This way too, we can complete ignore the evil people who have taken over our country, and watch them fall into perdition, be struck by lightning, and eat each other alive, or whatever it is that must eventually happen to evil people.  -Robert


Proposal 4:  Cheap, cheerful, and highly doable. This one has it all. You have inspired me to invent. Listen up. If Seattle houses had little waterwheels installed inside their drainpipes, they could generate enough electricity to power fairy lights indoors, which you know would cheer us up at precisely the time most needful. There would be the incidental benefit of providing humans with an organic link with the Universe Out There, without having to get wet.  -Skippy



Please be a part of the ZTT!  Submit your ideas here for a better world...witty, profound or charming.  Your leaders may not be listening, but ZTT is!