Requirements for ZAZOU remain simple and flexibility is maintained whenever possible.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if your facilities do not meet our requirements or if you have any questions.

We will be happy to work out alternatives.Thanks!




STAGE:ZAZOU requires a 12'x10' performance area.


SOUND:ZAZOU requires: 5 vocal mikes and stands, 1 instrument mike and stand, 4 Direct inputs for instrument amplifiers, three armless chairs on the stage.


ARRIVAL:ZAZOU will arrive approximately 60 minutes prior to performance for a sound check unless otherwise prearranged.


PARKING:Purchaser will issue parking pass or pay for parking for two (2) vehicles when paid parking must be used by ZAZOU for the event.


CONCESSIONS: ZAZOU has Purchaserís approval for merchandising following each performance.


TICKETS:Purchaser will provide all passes and identification required by Event to admit ZAZOU and personnel for performance(s).


PROMOTION:Purchaser agrees to list any and all performance date(s), time(s) and place(s) of ZAZOU in any and all program information printed for the Event.ZAZOU agrees to make available upon prior request of Purchaser, photos and recorded and/or printed interviews for the promotion and publicizing of event.

Agreed and Accepted††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Agreed and Accepted


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