Text Box: Swing Dance Lesson 

 Do your guests feel they have two left feet?  Have you never danced swing in your life?  Like to dance to that music but don't know where to start?   
A basic swing dance lesson at your wedding reception or event may be the perfect way to get your guests out of their seat and onto the dance floor.  Zazou no longer teaches the dance lesson but if you are considering this crowd pleasing activity, we can refer you to a fabulous dance instructor (see wedding links) who will come to your reception and inspire your friends and family to trip the light fantastic!  We've seen him in action and it was fun!
The Personalized Trivia Quiz
Did the bride and groom meet at a Tiny Tim concert?  Does the groom speak Esperanto?  Is the bride's favorite hobby sky diving?   
The Zazou personalized trivia quiz is a fun and interactive way to celebrate your big day! What guests don't like to win prizes and learn more about their favorite people at the same time?  Send Zazou a few interesting facts about the bride and groom and Zazou does the rest in creating your personalized trivia quiz.   Inquire when booking about having your very own personalized trivia quiz at your wedding reception.  The personalized trivia quiz is provided free of charge!   
What a pleasure it was to have you perform at our reception!  For weeks after, we have heard nothing but positive reviews.  Your music truly captured the vision of our special day and we are so thankful we were able to have you there!  We hope to find some time to get out to see you perform locally and share your awesome talent with more of our friends.  We hope this year brings much success to you all!  John and Lyla 
I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you for the great music at our wedding.  It went by so quickly I hardly remember a thing, but I do remember several compliments on our choice of music.  Everyone loved the music and Scott and I both think it was just perfect for our day.  Thank you and the rest of the band for playing our wedding!!!  -Terra Helke

Thank you so much for providing us and our guests with wonderful memories and music.  Your band was fantastic.  Your music is wonderful and the band members are equally as fun and spirited as the music that they play.  Thank you! - Kemmeo Parr
Zazou was a smash at our wedding!  So many of our family and friends told us how great you were.  And we agree!  You brought the mansion to life and made the reception a joyous celebration of life and love.  Thanks so much for bringing down the house!  Best wishes, John and Jenny Scott Tynes
Thank you so much for a great performance at our wedding reception last weekend. We've heard from lots of guests that Zazou was perfect for the event--a mix of swing, Latin and waltzes got everybody onto the dance floor at one point or another. And I can't imagine a more perfect ending to our evening than the one you helped us with--the accordion player leading us and guests down the stairs and out the door to a rousing "Roll Out the Barrel!"   - - Lara Holman
Colbey and I just got back from our honeymoon and we wanted to write and tell you how much we enjoyed Zazou playing at our wedding reception. You were perfect, the weather was perfect...we couldn't have asked for a more fantastic reception. - Todd Reid
We just wanted to say thanks for the great music at the wedding Sunday! We had a fantastic time, and we enjoyed having you there. Everybody loved the music -- we got tons of compliments on you guys. The consensus opinion was that the music really made the day. - Stephanie Muth
You were just wonderful yesterday. Thank you for making the party such a happy experience for us all.  Please thank the rest of the band for me, I couldn't be more pleased.  Peace.  - Cindy Tewes
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Please contact us at:  zazou@zazoumusic.com or (206) 781-3945.  
For a price quote, we will need to know the location (as in what city and state) the date of your wedding (or approximate date if date is unsure) and what service or combination of services you are inquiring (reception music, ceremony music, dance lesson, etc).     
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